Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whaleboat 7" Release Show Poster

AHOY! So, I've been in a candy comatose since Halloween ended and haven't had much solid work to show the masses. However, I'm slowly getting over the "Post-Halloween Blues" and I'm getting some work done and polished up for everyone to feast their eyes upon. A few weeks ago I was commissioned to do a poster illustration for a local band called Whaleboat. I went the fairly literal route (much like the Bear Fight illustration) and drew...well...a whale and a boat. The band has used similar elements in their designs and album art before and I really loved it so I decided to do my own rendition.

Whaleboat's music has a nice shoegazey, melodic sound but is also a bit rough around the edges. Heavy on the reverb and rhythm with a lead singer that wails with emotion, they are a great local act that shouldn't be missed. I've really enjoyed all of their shows that I've been to, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with them. Check out their latest single 'The Socialist' below and see you at the show on January 25th!