Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hangfire Bar Artist Reception

The date is finally set! My original paintings go up on Hangfire's walls this Friday, October 14th. Remember that date, as it's also my artist reception party. This marks my second solo show this year (and ever!), so if you're in the Savannah area, come out, drink, and barf your brains out!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yes, you're looking at a cat in a Georgia Southern polo. This piece was commissioned by my girlfriend's mother and step father, both fans of Georgia Southern, as you may have guessed. This is their cat, Gus, showing off his pride. I'd like to CATegorize this piece as both sophisticated and sporty.

Acrylic on canvas.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hangfire Bar

Last month I contacted a popular local bar called 'Hangfire' and asked to display my work there for the month of October. They agreed and asked for one thing in return...an original piece by me for the bar to keep indefinitely. Hangfire (aka Hangfizzy or Hangfizzle) has a one-drink-you're-done concoction called "Scorpion Tea". I'm not too sure what exactly it consists of, but it's cheap and delicious. So I figured I would celebrate this special drink with a nice, evil scorpion for the bar. Although it's not a big piece (roughly 14.5" x 7"), I made sure to pull out all the stops for this one. I added a glow-in-the-dark background and chalkboard paint on the lower half to customize the drink price if it ever changes. No word yet on when my artwork will be going up this month but stay tuned for more updates.

"Hangfire's Scorpion Tea"
Acrylic on wood.
Glow-in-the Dark

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cyberclectic Exchange II

Those of you in the Savannah, Georgia area I would like to take this time to inform you of a new craft bazaar that my girlfriend and I will be attending here in town. It's called the Cyberclectic Exchange. Thoughtfully put together by SCAD grad couple, Emma Dyer and Collin Daniel (CuddleBat Graphics LLC), this is not your average art swap. The event is held at a bar/music venue on Bull St. called The Wormhole. Lots of local music acts will be performing at every 'Exchange', as well as drink specials provided by the bar. The first ever Cyberclectic Exchange was a few weeks ago but this Friday (Oct. 7th) is the second go-around, so if you missed it before now is your chance. I will be selling original paintings, prints, Grim threads t-shirts, and other knick knacks all night long. The event kicks off at 8:30pm and runs until the bar yells "Last call!". The Facebook event can also be found here.