Monday, April 16, 2012

Bear Fight!

What the hell is Bear Fight,  you ask? Well, if you don't know yet then you're not cool...don't worry you'll have time to catch up. For those not in the know, they're a Savannah band consisting of some of my good friends and they know how to rip your ears off, stomp on them a bit, and then tell you to quit bitchin' and just sew them back on. The music is loud. I'm talkin' ears ringing on into the next two days, loud. To try and compliment all of Bear Fight's face-melting qualities I came up with some artwork to make your eyes bleed. Bright colors to grab your attention, touches of gore/violence , and some sludge to keep you there. The plan is to have these made up into stickers sometime in the future so keep your eyes peeled, Savannah.

Also of note, Bear Fight's addition artwork has been provided by my brother, Deighton Abrams. Bear Fight will be releasing their first full-length album, 'Gnarmageddon', in late May 2012. Listen to two tracks off their album below and "like" them on Facebook.

Bear Fight! Bandcamp
Bear Fight! Facebook

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