Friday, April 20, 2012

Tattooing without ever picking up a needle.

While I know I just recently posted about someone getting one of my older designs tattooed on their body, it seems that someone else has taken the plunge! This time it happens to be a fellow deviantart user, Ian aka theGHOSTofCHE. Way back in 2007 he became infatuated with my "Octo" design, so much so that he drew it on his arm in sharpie and posted pictures for me to see.

That was then, now he has finally gone ahead with it and the design is forever on his forearm. I'm  sincerely flattered that anyone would want to permanently alter their skin with one of my designs. The tattoo was done by Cliff at Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing. Good, clean work!

Speaking of tattoos, if you like the design Ian got but don't want it for all eternity then I have some good news for you! As of today, you can now purchase the above design (as well as others) in temporary tattoo format.
Last summer I sold three designs to a website called Dottinghill. Dottinghill is an online community for designers who are looking to apply their craft in a unique medium called "skin accessories" (aka temporary tattoos). Much like the many t-shirt voting sites such as Threadless and Design by Humans, Dottinghill welcomes you with open arms to submit your work to be rated by it's "residents" and your peers.

The beta version of the site launched today after a handful of delays and I hope you all take some time to head over there and check it out! I was the first (according to the lovely write up about me on the front page...daaaw <3 ) to become apart of this amazingly talented community and I hope you'll join me.

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